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At the Dining Table 2021: American Meals and Cooking

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Meals in American households are woven into the cultural fabric of everyday life: They serve as a unifying experience shared by most, if not all, consumers. Societal shifts have resulted in major changes in how Americans prioritize not only their time for meals but also what they value in their food. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic has altered and accelerated these shifts.

At the Dining Table 2021: American Meals and Cooking takes stock of where two years of a national pandemic have left U.S. consumers amidst influences from ongoing changes in demographics, employment situations, food accessibility, and food values all of which have shaped how consumers approach meals and what they seek from mealtimes.

Compared to previous decades, consumers demand more from meals today, with needs ranging from better health and nutrition to elevated taste distinctions, added convenience, and further opportunities for customization.

At the Dining Table 2021: American Meals and Cooking features unique hybrid analyses of both quantitative and qualitative data drawn from a study-specific survey, The Hartman Group’s proprietary Eating Occasions Compass database of American eating patterns, and virtual interviews and mobile ethnography. The 110-page report is an essential, investigative research study, providing in-depth analysis and thought-provoking insight backed by a range of data for startups, established companies, investors, and stakeholders across the food and beverage industry.

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  • General report (PowerPoint and PDF)
  • Executive summary
  • Demographic data tables (Excel)  

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Published September 2021

Price: $15,000