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At the Dining Table: American Meals and Cooking 2021

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A national syndicated study that explores the cultural shifts and changing consumer behaviors around the American meal and what it all means for your business.

Recent decades have seen a gradual erosion of American mealtime rituals, with more meals and snacks eaten alone or on the go and sourced in a variety of ways. But the 2020-21 coronavirus pandemic has prompted shifts in how Americans’ source and eat their food.

It begs the question: Where do American meals and cooking stand today? 

The Hartman Group’s At the Dining Table: American Meals and Cooking 2021 syndicated study takes a look at where meals and mealtimes stand today:

  • the importance and role within consumers’ overall eating repertoire
  • the “ideal” meal and the needs, barriers and compromises associated with it
  • the full spectrum of approaches consumers use to get meals on the table and the planning, sourcing and preparation mechanics of those
  • the pandemic adjustments that are likely to stay with us into the future.

Ultimately, the study aims to provide food manufacturers, retailers, distributors and restaurants with an in-depth view of how to best help consumers achieve the meals they desire to have.

The At the Dining Table: American Meals and Cooking 2021 syndicated study will draw on The Hartman Group’s deep experience in food culture, new primary quantitative and qualitative research, and its proprietary database with over 170,000 eating and drinking occasions to offer a rich and unique examination of trends in the culture and mechanics of mealtimes from the micro- to the macro level, looking not just at the what but also the details of why, how, when, where, and who.    

Early bird pricing expires October 20, 2021.

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Published September 2021

Price: $15,000