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Organic & Natural 2014

As consumer understanding of organic and natural evolves, people gain more awareness of and knowledge about these topics than ever. Dialogue about organic was once rooted in sustainability (e.g., good for the environment, environmental consciousness) but now encompasses making "healthier" choices, and messaging around healthy (better for me and the environment) and locally sourced (better for my community) resonates for Americans increasingly fixated on health and well-being.

These shifts in mindset, awareness and access have propelled organic and natural products into the mainstream, and they now extend across virtually all retail and food service channels.

Organic and natural continue to be hot topics that leave companies across the marketplace wanting more information and answers. The Hartman Group's Organic & Natural 2014 syndicated report provides timely new data, insights and strategic direction on the crucial issues swirling around organic and natural product development, innovation and marketing. It updates the key metrics essential to understanding changes in consumer segments and profiles, consumption patterns, adoption and category usage, distinctions in properties implied by the terms organic and natural, spending, channels for organic purchase, organic when dining out and much more. 

About the report

Organic & Natural 2014 provides marketers the essential understanding with which to engage a dynamic and evolving consumer in a new light. The report provides strategic and tactical insights into the hierarchy of product attributes and how they ladder up to own-able brand distinctions. The is a section of the report devoted to the issue of GMOs. 

The report provides data, information and provocative insights into:

  • Organic usage. How many consumers now use organics and why.
  • Organic and natural halos of health and authenticity. Has increased access and lower price points raised consumers concerns for quality and integrity of organic and natural products?
  • Evolution of "local" as a meaningful symbol. â€œLocal” is emerging as a category poised to surpass both organic and natural as a symbol of transparency and trust.
  • Gateway and barriers to purchase. What categories most important to consumers and what hurdles are in the way of increased usage?
  • Transparency and GMOs. What are consumers concerns with GMOs and is there anything companies can do to allay consumers negative perceptions?

The report provides industry professionals (CPG manufacturer, retailer, food service and restaurant) with an in-depth understanding of the contemporary organic and natural consumer and how these consumers continue to influence and reshape the marketplace of today and tomorrow.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary and Methodology
  • The Organic Consumer
  • Overview of the Organic Consumer
  • The Hartman Group World Model
  • Meanings of Organic and Natural
  • The Organic Marketplace
    • Products and Brands
    • Channels and Retailers
    • Eating Out
  • Special Topic: GMOs
  • Recommendations
  • Appendix

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Published August 2014 (95 pages)

Price: $15,000