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Foodways of the Younger Generations – Millennials & Gen Z

Foodways of the Younger Generations is a focused look at Millennials’ interaction with foods and beverages. The report compares Millennials to the generations that came before them (Gen X and Boomers) on food culture topics. While the report’s primary focus is on Millennials, it does include a look at the oldest of the upcoming generation – Gen Z – those 15 to 18 years of age.

Gen Z is an important generation to watch emerge because they are even more ‘wired’ to their handheld technology and even more diverse than the Millennials.

Foodways of the Younger Generations presents evidence about the complexity of the different Millennial life stages that impact how Millennials live their lives and choose what to eat and drink each day. These are:

  • Millennials still at home or away at college
  • Millennials out on their own (without children)
  • Millennials with families of their own

Across these life stage Millennial subgroups, we have uncovered a segment of “Food Sophisticated Millennials. These are Millennials who seek unique and interesting food and beverage experiences. They are the trendsetters of their generation, sharing their recipes, daily diets and dining out experiences with their social networks.


  • Introduction/Executive Summary/Methodology
  • Health Perceptions &Food Preferences
  • Shopping &Packaging Preferences
  • Cooking Habits
  • Snacking
  • Food Service
  • The Millennial Food Sophisticates
  • Recommendations

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Published April 2016 (90 pages)

Price: $15,000