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Health & Wellness: Reimagining Well-being Amid COVID-19

The Hartman Group has tracked consumer attitudes, behaviors, aspirations, and challenges around health and wellness for over two decades. Health & Wellness 2021: Reimagining Well-being Amid COVID-19 updates Hartman’s perspective on the American health and wellness landscape in the wake of the pandemic and delivers insights into how consumers envision and enact health and wellness in our new normal.  

The report examines consumers’ current health and wellness goals and priorities, the approaches they use to address them, and the ways they learn about and source health and wellness solutions.  

Spotlights include: 

  • key benefit areas of immunity, mental well-being, weight management, and nutrition
  • plant-based eating and other approaches
  • the role of household composition
  • a lens on socioeconomic status  

Table of Contents  

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1. Health & Wellness in the U.S.: Cultural Shifts and the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Chapter 2. The World of Health & Wellness: The Role of Consumer Engagement
  • Chapter 3. Priorities Emerging Amid COVID-19: Spotlight on Immunity and Mental Well-being
  • Chapter 4. Perennial Needs Amid COVID-19: Spotlight on Physical Fitness and Nutrition
  • Chapter 5. Health and the Household: Spotlight on Household Composition and Households With Pets
  • Chapter 6. Sourcing Health & Wellness: Consumer Navigation of Information and Solutions
  • Chapter 7. The Democratization of Health & Wellness: Spotlight on Socioeconomic Levels
  • Implications and Recommendations  

What You Get 

  • General report (PowerPoint and PDF)
  • Executive summary
  • In-depth analysis backed by data
  • Implications and recommendations
  • Demographic data tables (Excel)  

The Hartman Group’s Health + Wellness series of syndicated studies is the longest-running consumer-centric study of the U.S. wellness marketplace. A key pillar of The Hartman Group’s syndicated study program, it offers our clients a regular insight into this important aspect of American food culture. For decades, the concept of health and wellness has been expanding to incorporate not just physical health but also a holistic well-being of the body and mind as shaped by what we choose to consume as well as the society and environment in which we exist.

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Published March 2021 (117 pages)

Price: $15,000