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Eating Occasions Dashboards 2021

Answering the question: How has the pandemic influenced changes in how we eat?

This special report explores the context, needs and behaviors associated with eating and drinking occasions. Utilizing The Hartman Group’s proprietary Eating Occasions Compass database, Eating Occasions Dashboards 2021 explores American trends in eating and drinking occasions in 2021 compared to data from both 2020 and 2019, and also presents dashboard analysis of 8 eating occasions by daypart. It was researched and prepared by Hartman’s Retainer Services team and provides our analysts’ perspectives to help marketers connect to the cultural changes occurring in the U.S.

The report is derived from analysis of Hartman’s Eating Occasions Compass database which analyzes food and beverage and meal dayparts, location, social composition, and need states, as well as items consumed and broadly when and where items were acquired.

Understanding the dynamics of eating occasions is the gateway to opening new growth opportunities through innovation, messaging and data-driven strategy. 

About the Report 

In addition to data points and insights, the Eating Occasions Dashboards 2021  report includes: 

  • Methodology and an overview of The Hartman Group’s Eating Occasions Compass
  • Key observations: COVID-19’s initial impact on eating
  • 2021 eating occasions: contexts & characteristics and analysis of:
    • Participation in eating occasions across the day
    • Snacks and at-home eating
    • The social context of eating
    • Restaurant sourced eating occasions
    • Cooking and degree of preparation
    • Leftover consumption, eating occasions and the role of restaurants
    • Trading up for delicious flavor experiences
    • Seeking out unique flavors and functional benefits
    • Shopping and food sourcing
  • Interpreting eating occasions dashboards
  • The 8 eating occasions by daypart
    • Dashboards (3 slides each) for each of the 8 eating occasions dayparts (early-morning snack, breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, after-dinner snack, and late-night meal/snack)
  • Key takeaways & implications

62-page report in PowerPoint and PDF format

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Published March 2022 (62 pages)

Price: $10,000