Consumers Say: “Keep It Simple”

Consumer packaged goods companies are responding to the market demand for simplifying product formulations. Hartman Group CEO, Laurie Demeritt, provides insight into what’s driving consumers’ desire in this Bloomberg Businessweek article.

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“What to Eat; What to Make?” Consumers Tussle to Find Inspiration

More than one-third of U.S. consumers often struggle for ideas for what to make at mealtimes. Store Brands magazine cites highlights from The Hartman Group’s new Culture of Food report and our infographic in this article. 

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Eating Alone Is A “Thing,” A Really Big Thing

In 2012, The Hartman Group first reported on the phenomenon of eating alone. What we said then, is just as evident today, that eating alone has become as normal as eating together. In an interview on NPR’s All Things Considered, The Hartman Group’s CEO, Laurie Demeritt, shared some of the latest insights on eating alone from research The Hartman Group conducted for FMI’s new report. 





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