Eating Alone Is A “Thing,” A Really Big Thing

In 2012, The Hartman Group first reported on the phenomenon of eating alone. What we said then, is just as evident today, that eating alone has become as normal as eating together. In an interview on NPR’s All Things Considered, The Hartman Group’s CEO, Laurie Demeritt, shared some of the latest insights on eating alone from research The Hartman Group conducted for FMI’s new report. 



TV Dinner Invention: Connecting The Dots Between Consumer Behavior And Cultural Trends

Harvey Hartman gets the last word and provides cultural perspective to the staying power of Swanson’s iconic TV dinners in this Adweek article. This was innovation for an era when consumers looked to corporate America to lead them forward to a brighter, more modern future.


Millennials: A Barometer For The Future Of Food Culture

As Millennials mature, many of their tastes and behaviors can be seen as a foreshadowing of what’s coming in consumer consumption. The Huffington Post highlights our Acumen infographic on how Millennials’ eating behaviors differ from their parents. 




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