Low Price Is Still a Factor, But Consumers Are Redefining the Meaning of “Value” When Shopping for Food and Beverage

Bellevue, WA — January 9, 2018: Shoppers’ expectations of food retailing channels vary by channel type according to The Hartman Group’s Food Shopping in America 2017 report. Consumers’ reported changes in shopping habits echo sales data that shows stronger growth among more specialized players.

The report finds that the fastest-growing retailers in terms of sales are either more upscale natural/organic players or value-oriented retailers who have created innovative business practices to keep prices as low as possible.

“Based on our analysis, less specialized retailers, including most conventional grocers and mass merchandisers, show slower growth,” says Laurie Demeritt, CEO of The Hartman Group. “Cross-shopping that leverages channel strengths — from low prices to organics to store brands — is likely stealing from these retailers’ share of the pie.”

What are the key drivers of shopping satisfaction? Here are the top seven retailer attributes from the study:

  • Enjoy shopping here
  • Store I trust
  • Store/site is well organized
  • Has the brands I like
  • Has the main things I'm shopping for
  • Good place to browse for items
  • Can get in & out/navigate site quickly and easily

Food Shopping in America 2017 provides an in-depth analysis of channel performance and performance on most important drivers of shopper satisfaction. The report has a special section that features dashboards on channel profiles, including a select group of retailers, such as ALDI, Kroger, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, Albertsons, Costco, Walgreens and Rite Aid.

About Food Shopping in America 2017 Report

As leaders in the study of American food culture, The Hartman Group has been tracking how Americans shop for food since the 1990s. From one-stop shopping to multichannel shopping to online markets and click-and-collect, we continue to track consumers’ evolving perceptions, needs, habits and relationships with food retailers. Food Shopping in America 2017 answers the question: with more options than ever before, including an expanding array of online food retailers, how do consumers shop for food today?

About The Hartman Group

The Hartman Group is at the leading edge of demand-side food and beverage strategy. As CEO, Laurie drives the vision, strategy, operations and results-oriented culture for the company's associates as The Hartman Group furthers its offerings of tactical thinking, consumer and market intelligence, cultural competency and innovative intellectual capital to a global marketplace.

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