The Hartman Group’s signature ACT Food Culture Forecast 2019 summit takes place in Chicago this coming Sept. 12, 2019 at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel. The summit is a powerful platform from which attendees acquire valuable knowledge about the factors and trends shaping today’s — and tomorrow’s — food and beverage marketplace. 
A handful of change agents are creating turbulence for iconic, established food and beverage brands, as well as driving disruption across the food retailing landscape, in the American market today. For a glimpse into what you can expect by attending Food Culture Forecast 2019, here are three key takeaways from last year’s summit in Miami Beach.
Food sourcing today is happening everywhere, all the time.
The evolving channel landscape reveals a careful balancing act among today’s food purveyors with implications across the food industry: they are tapping into multiple drivers but avoid asserting that they own the consumer’s every occasion.
The desire for convenience is today’s number one single need state. 
The desire for convenience is a key trend just like other trends (e.g., simple ingredients, unique flavor, positive nutrition), if not a cultural value. But not convenience just for the sake of convenience but as something in service of other food and lifestyle aspirations.
Technology has revolutionized the importance of customization in American food culture. 
Personalizing is in our DNA. The desire to be unique is part of the broader American cultural context in which we all live. We like to “chef-up” our orders. All this “cheffing” is about freshness aspirations.
Join us in Chicago on Sept. 12, 2019 for a day of immersive and compelling presentations into the future of food technology and personalized nutrition while interacting one-on-one with Hartman Group’s expert analysts. Get proprietary data, information and insights exclusive to Food Culture Forecast 2019and hear from a panel of key influencers and leaders from companies that are embracing technology to fuel innovation. 
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