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What does it mean to be a brand in 2021? This is the question we examine in an upcoming webinar on Wednesday, October 6, at 1 p.m. ET. 

For many decades, food and beverage companies have invested significant resources in building their brands, carefully crafting an image they sought to project onto target consumer groups. Such efforts resulted in offering consumers a broad selection of unique products that span established national brands, popular local choices, creative emerging brands … and more recently retailers’ own private brands.

In a world of increasingly discerning consumers who seek to make personal choices that best reflect their individual needs and evaluate products on a range of attributes important to them, the role of brands in guiding consumer choices may be changing.

We invite you to join Hartman Group CEO Laurie Demeritt for this free 20-minute webinar in which she shares highlights from our latest report, Brand Ambition: Food and Beverage Private Brands & Beyond

The report examines how trends in the American cultural landscape have affected the role brands play in consumers’ food lives today and provides future-looking guidance in several areas of possibilities: pricing, attributes, innovation, and operating in today’s online environment.

You can register for the webinar here.