No doubt seeking to capitalize on the ever-increasing propensity of consumers to invest in both premium experiences for their pets as well as store brands, Target recently launched its own private label brand, Kindfull, featuring over 50 dog and cat food items.

Described in a article:

“The full line has yet to be revealed, but the company did hint at several recipes of kibble diets for adult pets, baked biscuit and jerky treats for dogs, and wet canned cat foods. All formulas were developed with the help of pet nutrition experts and are free from artificial ingredients, wheat, corn, and soy. Kindfull products include poultry, pasture-raised beef and wild-caught fish proteins, with Target specifically noting sustainable sourcing practices for its fish ingredients. Over 40% of the Kindfull line is packaged in recyclable bags, supporting Target’s overarching mission to reduce waste in its value chain. According to Target, more than half of the items in its Kindfull line are priced under $10, in line with the retailer’s hallmark value-quality bargain.”

Featuring an attractive, colorful packaging design, Kindfull follows on the expansion of the retailer’s Good & Gather private label food and beverage brand in September 2020. Good & Gather, which launched in September 2019, has a focus on everyday affordability and minimally processed, quality products.

Certainly, Kindfull is in step with consumer interests in premium private label products and the central role that pets play within households: Our Health & Wellness: Reimagining Well-being Amid COVID-19 report found that pets are an increasingly prominent part of American households and have become an important part of household health and wellness. In terms of pet food, the report found that 75% of cat parents and 72% of dog parents (pet parents defined as people with dogs or cats) agree that pet foods play a role in their pet’s emotional state and bond with humans. 

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