The dynamics that motivate consumers’ consumption behaviors and shape food and beverage culture are also the factors that inspire emerging brands and influence marketing strategies. Dominating our collective psyche this past year was how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted and altered how America’s consumers planned their meals, shopped for groceries, and fed themselves and their families. 
A few themes — such as what to eat, online grocery, cooking fatigue, home delivery, snacking, and takeout from restaurants — became part of our everyday conversations. These are complex problems, in an era of a once-in-a-century global health crisis, that require relevant data and expert analysis. 
Join us this Wednesday, February 3, on our webinar Eating Occasions in America: How the Pandemic Altered the Way We Eat
We encourage you to register now so you don’t miss out on hearing Hartman’s SVP Shelley Balanko, Ph.D., as she shares highlights from our latest Eating Occasions white paper about how the context in which American consumers are eating and drinking has been altered by the pandemic.
As consumers adapt to a new social, political, economic, and health environment, they are forced to reevaluate their attitudes, values, and behaviors. By attending the webinar, you will gain an understanding of consumer needs and behaviors through the lens of eating and drinking occasions, and this knowledge can help uncover unmet market opportunities.