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The study will field Q2 2014 with delivery of final general report scheduled for early Q3 2014.

Deadline for custom quantitative questions and early bird category inclusion is May 15, 2014

Methodology: Integrated qualitative ethnographic research and online quantitative research. The qualitative research will be fielded in two major U.S. markets (TBD). The quantitative research will be conducted through an online survey to a nationally representative sample of 1,500 U.S. primary adult household shoppers, 18-69 years of age.

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Organic & Natural: Consumers and the Marketplace Syndicated Research

Since 1996, The Hartman Group has been at the leading edge of documenting the evolving organic and natural marketplace through the lens of consumer behavior and culture. We field our Organic & Natural syndicated study every other year to track changes in consumer segments and profiles, consumption patterns, adoption and category usage, distinctions in properties implied by the terms “organic” and “natural,” spending, channels for organic purchase, organic when dining out and much more. 

The Hartman Group’s Organic & Natural syndicated reports are the definitive “must have” to inform, influence and inspire product development, marketing and messaging, merchandising and retail experience and strategic direction, as well as identify opportunity spaces. 

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The Hartman Group’s Organic & Natural syndicated research is the undisputed leader in delivering insights and recommendations that spark innovation, identify growth opportunities, energize brands, fine-tune marketing and propel strategic development. 

2014 – Upcoming study! Sign up to participate by May 7, 2014 and receive a special early bird discount! 

The 2014 study will draw from 20 years of tracking consumer lifestyle, shopping and usage behavior and will provide the most complete analysis of the attitudes, perceptions, motivations, triggers, purchase attributes, language and distinctions of quality surrounding organic and natural food and beverage products available. Organic and Natural 2014 will provide sponsors with strategic and tactical insights into the hierarchy of product attributes and how they ladder up to ownable brand distinctions. 

Participation details and sign-up form 

Questions about participation? Contact Blaine Becker by phone at 425.452.0818, ext. 124, or by email at: 

Here is a listing of our expertise in understanding the Organic & Natural consumer and marketplace: 


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Organic and Natural 2012

Organic usage is once again front-page news as studies call into question the nutritional benefits of organic foods compared with conventionally processed counterparts. While consumers find the organic and natural product landscape confusing to navigate, findings in this new report would suggest that these recent studies are unlikely to alter consumer purchase and usage behaviors. Consumers historically adopt and continue their purchase and consumption of organic foods and beverages for reasons that extend beyond nutritional values. 

Report details and downloading the executive summary 

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Beyond Organic & Natural 2010: Resolving Confusion in Marketing Foods and Beverages.

This report identifies the hierarchy among these attributes and points out differences by product category as well as deeper distinctions between “organic” and “natural” themselves. It will enable companies to go beyond the clutter of product callouts to have a singular focus on what matters most to consumers, thereby increasing brand loyalty and likelihood of purchase. 

Report details and downloading the executive summary

For complete listing of all organic reports and publications and all other Hartman Group reports, click on this link: Hartman Marketplace Reports.



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