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A Hartman Group White Paper connects you to the latest thinking on a wide range of consumer behavior issues, cultural lifestyle trends and industry practices that affect innovation, design, strategy, operations and branding across a broad spectrum of industries and functions.

A typical white paper represents a singular topic of interest and is filled with rich insights and analysis designed to provide a deeper level of understanding into the changing and evolving consumer behaviors that define and shape the marketplace.

The Latest
breakout premium brands
In 2013, we wrote about the emergence of a unique growth curve in the packaged food and beverage sector. We call it the Skate Ramp...
online grocery delivery
One of the hottest topics in the food business today is home food delivery. Home grocery delivery is nothing new. Grocers...
Reflection on cultural change cover
By Harvey Hartman, Founder & Chairman In each issue of Hartman Perspectives, Harvey Hartman takes a broad...
recipe for growth in packagedfoods
By Harvey Hartman, Founder & Chairman, and James Richardson, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Hartman Strategy  The...
understanding aging consumers
It wasn’t so long ago that the spotlight was on older consumers (55 years of age and older). Now they’ve become a generation...
food and the new community
A decade after Facebook’s birth at Harvard University in 2004, the concept of community has been utterly upended. The “third...
Magic of marketing to a cultural movement cover
Tesco, with all its money and marketing clout, couldn’t make a go of it with its Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market stores. During...
Hartman Acumen Trends Insights
Sweetener Wars Cover 2013
Sugar and sweetened products play a complex role in American culture and diet: For generations, sugar has been an integral part...
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