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Product Price: $15,000 for full report

Release Date: 2012-06-15

Report Length: General report in PowerPoint format with embedded consumer video clips: 125 pages. Set of standard demographic data tables in Excel format included.

Market Coverage: U.S. market

Methodology: Integrated qualitative ethnography and quantitative online survey. Qualitative fielding: Two U.S. markets, Dallas and Seattle. Online survey: nationally representative sample of 1,900 U.S. consumers 18-70 years of age

Category: Social Media and Technology

Shopping Topography

Mapping the New Consumer Pathways to Purchase

While consumers continue to shop, even in the face of prolonged economic recovery, much has changed about the way they shop. Today’s consumers are faced with more product and brand choices, Channel options and economic pressures than ever before. They are also much savvier than any time in modern shopping history. Consequently, the need to understand the true picture underlying the how—and WHY—of shopping has never been greater.

Shopping Topography looks at the wider contexts of how and why consumers shop by taking a holistic approach to behaviors, expectations and experiences, including the following:

  • The Current State of Pre/During/Post Shop. The linear model is no longer relevant. A new model has emerged to reflect the realities of today’s consumer.
  • Channels. Grocery, Mass, Drug, Club and Dollar stores
  • Categories. Foods & Beverages, Personal Care and Over the Counter (OTC)
  • Value. Impact of the economy on shopping and purchase behavior

This new research is not about uncovering "the moment of truth" or revealing "primary touchpoints" for interacting with shoppers. It is about providing substantially more insightful and pragmatic data and information with regard to understanding the contemporary shopping experience and pathways to purchase.

Shopping Topography is the result of a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative exploration of contemporary shopping behaviors and the impact on pathways to purchase across five key Channels and three major categories. It was fielded March 2012 in the U.S. marketplace.

In addition to rethinking the linear model of pre-, during and post-shopping pathways to purchase and unveiling our new pathways to purchase model, "Constant Consumers," another important feature of the report is the section on Channel Dashboards.

The series of cross-Channel Dashboards report and highlight top level findings across all of the Channels as well as qualitative commentary gleaned from the fieldwork. A set of dashboards for each Channel highlights key findings and includes: SWOT (successes, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of each Channel divided into the new Constant Consumers framework of INFORM, PURCHASE and CONSUME. All dashboards have the same components, which gives the ability to compare section pages across the Channels with specific data of interest highlighted in the left-hand columns.

Table of Contents

Background and Objectives

Executive Summary


Constant Consumers
How the multi-Channel, information-filled marketplace is altering the path to purchase

Channel Dashboards
A compact glance at key stats and facts across the Channel

Five Key Findings
With items to consider across each Channel

Seven key takeaways and what to consider for your business


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