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Product Price: $4,995 for full report

Release Date: 2012-07-15

Report Length: General report in PowerPoint format 112 pages

Market Coverage: Brazil, South America

Methodology: Extensive secondary research and syndicated data review. An 11-day ethnographic immersion into the heart of the Brazilian snacking landscape in two key markets: São Paulo and Recife

Category: Eating Occasions, Food and Beverage

Global Snacking 2012: Brazil

Brazil is a very hot topic these days, especially among consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies with an eye on this country as a key portal for future growth opportunities. To tap into market opportunities, what will it take to launch successful food and beverage products in Brazil?

View video: An Expedition of Discovery into the Brazilian Snackscape

Download Global Snacking 2012: Brazil executive summary and report order form

The Hartman Group recently returned from an immersive exploration to uncover the many facets of Brazil’s snacking culture, where we discovered that there is great opportunity for CPG companies because Brazilians are “snackers” by nature. Nibbling is part of their cultural heritage, and they do so without the guilt often associated with snacking in the U.S.

We believe there is ample whitespace for new products to meet the insatiable snacking needs of Brazilian consumers. Explore the Brazilian snacking landscape, “snackscape,” with us and discover how your brands can make a difference! Watch this video to get a glimpse into the food culture of Brazil and learn what to expect from our report: Global Snacking 2012: Brazil.

The Growing Economy of Brazil Promises Great Opportunities in Snack Foods for CPG Brands

To better understand Brazil’s impassioned food culture, we went native for two weeks, journeying to key markets to:

  • ŸUncover deep insights into the what, when, where, how and why of Brazilian consumer eating and drinking habits and traditions
  • ŸChart the Brazilian shopping topography through retail audits and excursions into a variety of food service formats

Witness, firsthand, the effects of economic growth in traditional food and beverage landscape:

  • ŸConsider how continued economic development is likely to impact product development, marketing, and brand messaging

Table of Contents

  • An Expedition of Discovery into the Brazilian Snackscape
  • Brazil in Social, Economic and Cultural Context
  • Brazilian Food Culture
    • Brazilian Culinary Traditions
    • Eating Occasions
    • The Role of H+W
    • Sustainability
  • The Brazilian Snackscape
  • Fresh & Packaged in Snacking
  • Role of Beverages in Snacking
  • H+W in Snacking
  • Packaging of Snacks
    • Shopping Behavior in the Brazilian Snackscape
    • The Path to Success: From the U.S. to Brazil & Brazil to the U.S.
    • Appendices

To order, contact:

Blaine Becker
Sr. Director, Marketing & Business Relations
425.452.0818, ext. 124

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