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Release Date: 2011-07-01

Report Length: General report in PowerPoint format: 136 pages. Includes standard demographic data tables in Excel format.

Market Coverage: U.S. market

Methodology: Integrated qualitative ethnography and quantitative online survey. Qualitative fielding: Two U.S. markets, Atlanta and Seattle with respondents 16-30 years of age. Online survey: nationally representative sample of 2,674 U.S. consumers 16-65 years of age. Key group (ages 16-30): 2,358 Millennials. Balance of respondents comprise comparison age cohorts (Gen X and Boomers).

Category: Trends

Culture of Millennials 2011

An Immersive Investigation into a Unique Generation

There's no shortage of interest in Millennials, they are an intriguing and confusing generation. Comprising one-quarter of the population and influencing over $170 billion in spending power annually (one out of every five household dollars is spent on or by a Millennial), it is a non-traditional generation: one-third live with relatives, about half receive some sort of financial support from their parents. Millennials are heavy users of social media and non-traditional forms of communications. They are the present and future of the marketplace. They're forming and shaping their spending habits and beliefs about companies and brands now. With their prime earning years ahead of them, isn't it time for you to get to know Millennials better?

The Hartman Group's Culture of Millennials 2011 report gives you an up close and personal look at Millennials, a generation that is transforming the cultural landscape and will have a profound impact on the marketplace in ways not yet imagined.

Topic areas explored in this report include:

  • Millennial Lifestyle. Portrait of how Millennials are distinguished from other generations (entertainment, leisure, politics, etc.); current view on life; hopes and fears; examine differences across demographic variables, explore the ways in which they navigate the "new" economy
  • Culture of food. In-depth look at what influences food and beverage choices; explore the establishment of consumption habits along their life cycles, the transition to an adult food identity; dining in vs. dining out; role of health and wellness
  • Brand loyalty. Principal factors that encourage brand loyalty, explore the development of trends
  • Social media and acquiring/sharing information. Understand the importance and role of social media in purchase and consumption behavior; where do they turn for information about products and brands; what are the trusted sources?
  • Connecting with Millennials. Understand and articulate how to message to Millennials
  • Outlook on the future. What will influence food and beverage buying decisions in the near-term future

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