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Product Price: $750

Release Date: 2007-12-05

Report Length: 44 pages

Market Coverage: US Market

Methodology: The quantitative findings in this report are based on the results of a survey fielded through Hartman Interactive, in October 2007, with a sample size of 819.

Qualitative findings are based on contextual language analysis, which examines themes in hundreds of statements made by shoppers as well as online discussions about the topic of label reading.

Category: Food and Beverage, Trends

Pulse Report: Label Reading From a Consumer Perspective

Do consumers read product labels on today's consumer packaged goods?

Who can blame consumers for being confused or even dazed when it comes to reading, never mind absorbing, the information being disseminated in the media regarding food and beverages and then trying to make sense of what they are seeing on product labels?

As food and beverage product packaging begins to resemble the glut of logos and symbols plastered from hood to trunk of NASCAR auto racers, marketers are seeking to gain a deeper understanding on what are the most and least effective verbal and pictorial elements of food and beverage packaging. This Pulse Report, Label Reading from a Consumer Perspective, provides insights on those elements of packaging that are important to consumers and why.

What's Inside

This report seeks to provide insights on commonly used label components, and how such elements, ranging from nutrition fact panels to recycling symbols, are currently used in the context of growing interests in product ingredients, food safety and certifications of ethical, health or green production. The report examines:

  • Consumer perceptions of themselves as food and beverage label readers
  • Reasons for reading food and beverage labels
  • Top-of-mind label components of importance
  • Most important components of a package label and reasons for use
  • Frequency of label component use
  • Country of origin and importance on labels
  • Perceptions of label health claims credibility, reliability, regulation
  • Occasions for reading labels
  • Desires for nutrition labels in restaurants and food service
  • Awareness, trust and understanding of a wide variety of wellness and sustainability related symbols and icons

Key Features

What consumers look for on package labels varies depending on the lens through which they approach a product. This report examines consumers' levels of awareness, familiarity and trust for 13 different symbols in use in today's marketplace. Symbols tested include:

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