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Hartman Group Industry Reports enable businesses greater depth and strategic understanding of how and why consumers increasingly participate in lifestyle worlds. The quality of our information and services allows businesses to make informed strategic decisions about product development, distribution channels, retailing, branding, promotion and more.

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Health and wellness 2015
One of The Hartman Group’s pillars of expertise has been — and remains — the study of health and wellness. Since the early...
Sustainability 2015
ESTABLISH TRUST. BE RELEVANT. BUILD BRAND LOYALTY. Transparency is a big, complex issue. It is the one word that captures...
Diners changing behaviors
SUSTAINABILITY, WELLNESS & WHERE TO EAT A Nationally Syndicated Report by The Hartman Group and Changing Tastes Healthy...
Food Shopping in America
National Syndicated Research by The Hartman Group & MSL Group Americas Exploring the great cultural transformation of...
gmo special report
A consumer perspectiveThe battle over genetically modified food continues to rage, focused mostly on whether companies...
organic and natural 2014 report
Tracking the Consumer Shifts Driving the Marketplace As consumer understanding of organic and natural evolves, people...
digital food life 2014
National Syndicated Research by The Hartman Group  Consumers’ orientation toward food is influenced by cultural...
outlook on millennial consumer
National Syndicated Research by The Hartman Group Millennials are leaving indelible footprints on the marketplace. They...
c-stores and fresh opportunities
Food culture in America is changing. C-stores have the “convenience” aspect nailed. Are they keeping up with the foods and beverages...
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