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Our Process

At The Hartman Group we strive to exceed our clients' expectations. New client relationships always start with a discussion of mutual expectations that culminates in a tailored approach to applying our methodologies and intellectual capital to uncover actionable solutions to your questions.

The Hartman Group approaches each project as a unique undertaking to uncover the findings most relevant to our clients. While no research project is the same, there are core elements we employ to ensure a timely and relevant response. For your project a dedicated client services manager will be provided as your liaison between all project stakeholders, providing benchmarks throughout the process.

Phase One: Kickoff Meeting

To tailor your project specifically to your needs, we start with a kickoff meeting to discuss mutual expectations of client objectives, including all project stakeholders – The Hartman Group, the client, other client partners.

Upon completion of Phase One, we are able to provide a screener that is mutually agreed upon that accesses the consumer to address your stated objectives. We believe the screener process is a key element of a successful project outcome, so we invest significant resources into this portion of the project. From there a discussion guide and/or survey tool is developed depending on the needs of your particular project.

Phase Two: Fielding

This step of the process allows us to do what we do best, go where consumers are — in their kitchens, at the dinner table, alongside them while they shop. Specific methodologies used will be agreed upon in Phase One. An initial data download occurs two weeks into the fielding process (for both qualitative and quantitative projects), allowing the client services manager to communicate initial findings, keeping you informed throughout the process.

For projects that include both a qualitative and quantitative component, we typically field the qualitative portion first to allow our direct consumer dialogues to inform our quantitative survey tool.

Phase Three: Analysis & Reporting

Once the fielding is complete, we begin to work on final deliverables. Analysts take all components of the project into consideration here, from language, images, symbols, themes and product context. During this phase we often will perform additional analysis to reconfirm findings and integrate analysis from previous phases.

Phase Four: Final Presentation

We work with our clients early on to define the appropriate format and deliverable type to help best communicate our findings and analysis. Our final presentation of findings brings all project stakeholders together, virtually or in person. Our deliverables leverage visual representations of analyzed and structured field data, and provide recommendations that relate to key findings and project objectives.

We feel that the delivery and presentation of findings should be as interactive as possible to allow for a collaborative approach to applying our insights and understanding.

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