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To schedule a workshop, contact:

Blaine Becker,
Senior Director, Marketing
425.452.0818, ext 124


Hartman Group presentation workshops offer a unique focus on contemporary and future cultural trends related to the American consumer.

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Each workshop opens with a presentation by a key Hartman Group executive, backed by our extensive portfolio of knowledge, insights and findings uncovered by our ethnographers, anthropologists and sociologists, followed by an interactive discussion of today's consumer and marketplace.

Millennials & Boomers: Understanding Differences, Realizing Opportunities

Presenters: The Hartman Group

After months of deep investigative research and extensive analysis, Tinderbox is well — to be the intergenerational authority on the two groups of people who will be the most instrumental in reshaping the future marketplace: Baby Boomers and Millennials. More details »

Consumer Culture & Tomorrow's Marketplace

Presenter: Harvey Hartman

Consumers are changing the way they live, shop and use products — and these changes impact your business daily. Consumers are pushing the envelope on the definition of quality and these pursuits translate into opportunities for those organizations that understand the shifts occurring in consumer culture. Through this engaging presentation you will learn how consumer attitudes and behaviors redefine the marketplace and consequently change the future of your business. More details »

Consumers, Culture and Sustainability

Presenters: Harvey Hartman, Laurie Demeritt

What's next for sustainability and your company? These dynamic, interactive strategy sessions led by Hartman Group key executives will help you understand the consumer side of the complex picture of sustainability — how it relates to their everyday lives and translates into purchases — and design a sustainability strategy for your organization. More details »

The Ever-Evolving Organic Marketplace

As consumer involvement in organics expands, the idea of organic comes to mean many things to an ever-more diverse group of consumers. Learn how you can tell your organic story in a meaningful way to a diversity of consumers with this insightful presentation on the changing organic marketplace.

Sustainability Through the Eyes of the Consumer

Sustainability seems to be everywhere these days. As consumers read these banners, listen to sustainability marketing messages and encounter eco-friendly products at store shelves, this presentation will help you interpret consumer behaviors — the golden "why behind the buy."

Wellness Lifestyle Insights: Emerging Trends to Shape the Marketplace

Consumers' definitions of "health and wellness" are expanding beyond their personal health and the health of their families; they are expressing their health and wellness aspirations with new language and through new behaviors not associated with wellness in years past. As consumers rewrite the book on wellness, this presentation will guide you through the many trends driving health and wellness today and into the future.

Premium Food Experiences: Understanding the Consumer Redefinition of Quality

After years of exposure to iconic brands and products that have become largely commoditized, consumers are abandoning these legacy brands in favor of "premium" quality food products and food experiences. This presentation explores America's shift toward quality experiences and provides manufacturers, marketers and retailers with the understanding of a high-order experience as an alternative to combat negative consumer perceptions of highly commoditized goods.

Food Trends: Artifacts from the [Near] Future

Consumers are expressing themselves in ways previously unimagined. This unique, provocative presentation provides manufacturers, marketers and retailers with the understanding (and implications) of the leading edge trends that will affect marketplace of the coming year and beyond.

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