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Hartman Food & Beverage Occasions Compass: Database & Analytics

Tracking and detecting shifts in America’s eating and drinking habits along the continuum of engagement in food and beverage culture to identify opportunities for your business

The Hartman Group's Eating Occasions Compass is a dynamic database and analytics tool that provides more precise data, information and strategic insights as a foundational platform from which you can identify opportunity spaces, gather competitive intelligence, and fine-tune strategic planning and direction. 

The Hartman Eating Occasions Compass provides the most comprehensive data, insights, and cultural analysis in contexts of real life: in-home, at work, on-the-go, dining away from home. Take a deep dive into eating and drinking occasions looking through the lens of key variables as: health and wellness, demographics, price sensitivity, channel, and at-home vs. away from home. 

A New Food & Beverage Culture

Modern eating and drinking culture is marked by fragmentation and upending of tradition. 

Fragmentation has become the buzzword du jour in analyst circles – particularly as a way to describe varying and often conflicting food choices at the proverbial family dinner. But more than just food choices, we find modern food and beverage culture as a whole is marked by fragmentation, a blurring of boundaries, upending of rituals and deconstruction of formerly idealized eating and drinking traditions. 

Food and beverage occasions are an expression of today’s modern eating culture, and essential for understanding how fragmentation happens in the daily eating and drinking moments of consumers’ lives and how this relates to your business. 

Accessing the Compass Database

Download the overview to learn more about how to obtain data, insights and strategic analysis on consumption habits, developed and emerging categories, dayparts, channels and more.

To learn more, download the Occasions Compass overview by clicking on image above.

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