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Navigate America's Eating Habits

The Hartman Eating Occasions Compass

No other source gets you as close to the eating habits of America's consumers

Explore consumers' current and shifting eating behaviors along the continuum of engagement in food culture. The Hartman Group's Eating Occasions Compass is a dynamic database and analytics tool that provides more precise data, information and strategic insights as a foundational platform from which you can identify opportunity spaces, gather competitive intelligence, and fine-tune strategic planning and direction.

The Hartman Eating Occasions Compass leverages the strengths of The Hartman Group's more than 20-year ongoing, immersive journey studying food culture in America. Our cultural anthropologists and social scientists, using ethnographic observation, online tracking surveys, and deep study of culinary and cultural trends, connect the where, when, what, who, and why of shopping and eating unlike any other source in the marketplace.

Navigation Points from the Compass Data

  • Between meal moments are the emerging healthy food and beverage growth engine
  • Snacking accounts for more than half of all eating occasions in the U.S.
  • Consumers select from an increasingly diverse range of products and brands, including fresh items, for snacking occasions
  • A snack is no longer seen as a single item; consumers are creating their own snacks
  • Restaurants now define the highest levels of quality in meal-oriented consumer packaged goods categories

The Hartman Eating Occasions Compass provides the most comprehensive data, insights, and cultural analysis in contexts of real life: in-home, at work, on-the-go, dining away from home. Take a deep dive into eating occasions looking through the lens of key variables as: health and wellness, demographics, price sensitivity, channel, and at-home vs. away from home.

Unique to the database is The Hartman Group's proprietary Zones of Quality food culture model which uncovers the distinctions between Instrumental and Savoring eating occasions, a powerful tool to explore growth opportunities.

Download the Hartman Eating Occasions Compass fact sheet>>

To learn more, download the Eating Occasions fact sheet by clicking on image above.

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