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Custom Research

Everything we do begins with the consumer

We're obsessed with consumers. The power in the marketplace lies not with the brands, but with the consumers. Because we know that people's lifestyles are ever evolving, we need to be agile and ready to move with the consumer. And so do you.

This is why each year we literally spend thousands of hours immersed in people's lives. We have a human-centric analytical tool kit that unpacks consumer and shopping culture from a perspective appropriate for breakthrough insights for your business, brand and category. We convert consumer knowledge into highly successful outcomes for our clients.

Our Custom Solutions

One of the greatest strengths in our research approach is that our qualitative and quantitative researchers, staffed by fulltime PhDs in anthropology, sociology, psychology, linguistics and statistics, work together to create deliverables that combine the power of multiple methodologies. This cross-functional work is further enhanced by our team of experienced marketers, brand experts and strategists.


The Hartman Group gets you close to consumers. We utilize an assortment of qualitative ethnographic techniques and tools including language mapping to determine optimal semiotics in messaging and communications, visual journals to capture consumer behavior as it happens, in-home pantry and refrigerator tours to examine the realities of brand preferences and purchase behaviors as well as Shop-n-Talk tours to observe in-store shopping dynamics.


The Hartman Group designs custom research and syndicated studies hand-in-hand with our clients to establish a robust foundation from which to build marketing strategies, and track shifts in consumer demographics, opinions, behaviors, usage, and shopping/purchasing patterns.

The Hartman Group approaches each project as a unique undertaking to uncover the findings most relevant to our clients. While no research project is the same, our process employs four core elements to ensure a timely and relevant response.

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