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The World ModelTM

World Model of consumer behaviorBased on the integrated research methods of the social sciences and analysis of over 10 years of quantitative data, The Hartman Group has developed a model of consumer behavior in health and wellness from a "world perspective": The individuals and organizations in the core are those most active in a given world of activity, while those at the periphery maintain only minimal, infrequent and less-intense involvement in the given world.

Typically, the people and organizations comprising the periphery of a given world of activity greatly outnumber those connected to the core, while the majority of consumers reside in the mid-level segment.

What is the Core and the Periphery?

Central to the world perspective are dimensions that organize that world. All of these dimensions are linked by a common world theme (e.g., health and wellness shopping), with different dimensions applying more strongly as a customer moves from shopping at the periphery (the mass market store) to the core (the independent health food store). At the periphery are familiar key buying factors, such as price, brand and convenience, while closer to the core are areas of perception critical to the health and wellness shopper. These health and wellness dimensions include authenticity, knowledge and the role of expert opinion.

Dimensions of Consumption are critical to understanding core, mid-level and periphery shoppers.

The Hartman Model allows us to deliver findings that segment along key dimensions of consumption identified as critical to understanding core, mid-level and periphery shoppers. Similarly, we apply these same integrated research methods to channels of purchase for a clear understanding of what channels and experiences best tailor wellness products to the specific wellness consumer segments.

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