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Quantitative Approach

The Hartman Group designs syndicated and custom research studies hand-in-hand with our clients to establish a robust foundation from which to build marketing strategies.

We understand that the relevance of research findings and their value to clients depends on each project's study design. That is why we created a unique model of consumer behavior that has proven superior to conventional segmentation schemes for identifying opportunities and guiding marketing efforts. It is also the reason we stay abreast of the latest statistical techniques and data collection tools, which have been developed to overcome the limitations and inaccuracies of older methodologies.

Although we may employ the usual quantitative methods to address client issues, we often recommend methods that are less widely used.

  • Occasion-based segmentation

  • Trade-off analyses

  • Age-Period-Cohort analyses

  • Item-response analyses

While every quantitative research project we undertake will provide business intelligence that enables you to compete effectively in today's evolving marketplace, we generally recommend complementing any quantitative data gathering effort with a qualitative analysis of consumer behavior. Over the years, we have found that our clients gain most from a systematic blend of quantitative and qualitative modes of research. Clients who determine that qualitative fieldwork is not practical, however, can still expect actionable results from quantitative analyses driven by a real-world understanding of consumer behavior.

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