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Need to ignite creativity?

Could your brainstorming sessions use a little sizzle—or a new approach altogether? Why not kick off 2012 with Hartman Group's patented INSPIRE rapid ideation session. Your innovation processes will never be the same once you've experienced one of these immersive sessions with Hartman Group skilled analysts.


INSPIRE is Hartman Group's collaborative ideation session among stakeholder experts around products, packaging, messaging or other concept development. It is designed to channel cross-functional expertise into a structured, creative and fun work—session that leads to concepts that can move to the next stage.

INSPIRE is a one or two day immersive and energizing ideation format, led by experienced Hartman Group team members. It enlists complete participant engagement for groups from 6 to 20 people that will identify, evaluate and scope desired outcomes for several key concepts. We can INSPIRE your stakeholders to ideate concepts before testing with consumers or to follow preliminary consumer insights work.

The INSPIRE Process

THG leads a structured and dynamic group session that shakes up traditional ideation. The process surfaces insights, objectives, ideas, hypotheses, opportunities, guardrails and ultimately concepts in a short period of time that can be quickly moved to the next phase of refinement or testing.
  • Building the foundation: THG immerses the group in consumer culture, trends and behaviors around the category, pulling from our extensive category insights and data sources. Highlights from prior research are included if available. This frames thinking about how the consumer views the category.
  • Sharing of "homework" experience: Participants may have a fun homework assignment that yields a collaborative building of the competitive landscape or concept thought-starters.
  • Ideation foundation: Customized to each client depending on needs, a series of group creative sessions to build a range of foundational concept possibilities
  • INSPIRE exercise: Teams are assigned, briefed and equipped with materials. Teams go to work on refining their chosen concept, including consumer benefits, product descriptions, semiotics and representative imagery. After two, 90-minute work sessions the teams are ready to present to the group.
  • Participants create their products, refining imagery and talking points for a storyline to bring their concept to life.
  • 15 slides to be displayed for 20 seconds – a fixed presentation time of 3 minutes.
  • The provided template automatically advances the slides every 20 seconds, keeping the presentations crisp, concise, and on task.
  • Images are used to help participants convey attitude, impression, packaging, target customer, competitive market, and a compelling narrative. Images can be provided by us, client creative departments, participants or a combination.
  • Showtime, INSPIRE presentation: After two, 90-minute work sessions the teams will present their articulated concepts to the entire group for review.
    • Presentation will be given utilizing the provided template which will automatically advance the slides every 20 seconds, keeping the presenters crisp, concise, and on task.
    • Following each presentation the entire group engages in review/discussion of concepts including a quick SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).
    • Presentations are filmed for reference.
  • Cohesion: Following each presentation the entire group engages in review/discussion of concepts including a quick SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).
  • Results: By using an established template and working within a concentrated amount of time over a one or two-day time-frame participants get amazingly concise, clear and descriptive about their potential product concepts. More importantly, stakeholders are invested in a range of solutions that will move forward for further evaluation.
  • As global consumer researchers and ethnographic analysts we are recognized for our unique ability to turn consumer insights into tangible marketing and innovation platforms. Let us help you find the pathway to better innovation. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from INSPIRE.

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