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Our Approach

How well do you know your consumer? By relying on old market research tools, we run the risk of being out of step with contemporary consumers. After all, how "close" can we get to consumers through stand-alone surveys or focus groups?

To do it right, breadth, depth and consistent access to the "voice of the consumer" is essential. That's why much of our work is grounded in ethnography to provide findings that explain the "why behind the buy." True depth of understanding comes not from a cookie-cutter approach, but a tailored process to address specific objectives and project goals.

The Hartman Group is progressively using new methods of research as the consumer worldview constantly broadens and deepens. Our analysis builds from a platform of quantitative and qualitative information to understand the consumer's most current lifestyle and purchasing patterns, including how they live, where they shop and what products they use. We enrich our perspective and analyses with historical, cultural, economic, sociological, religious and ethnographic research.

One of the greatest strengths in our approach is that our qualitative and quantitative researchers, staffed by full-time PhDs in anthropology, sociology, linguistics and statistics work together to create deliverables that combine the power of both methodologies.

We utilize this tested mix of both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to understand how the consumer drives the market. Our unique model of understanding the consumer - and its world perspective - provides our clients with the deep and nuanced approach needed in today's complex marketplace.

Our clients come to us because they know we don't play at market research. Our dedicated, highly trained and skilled staff of full-time research professionals is out there in the real world right alongside consumers where they live, shop and use products and services. This is how we do it. We believe that being as close as possible to the consumer delivers the richest type of insights that drive winning strategy and innovation.

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