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The Hartman Group not only works with leading companies and legendary brands, but with emerging niche companies as well. Our clients depend on The Hartman Group’s information, analysis, insight and recommendations to solve problems, inspire new thinking and provide strategic direction.

We rely on disciplined analysis to deliver results for our clients. Our approach to using "methods" is to employ them, pragmatically, as tools to open our minds to new insights for our clients. All of our methods support our ongoing explorations of our present and possible futures. And, it all centers on consumers...

We engage consumers. We monitor and measure consumer lifestyle, attitudes, behaviors and trends in how consumers live, shop and use products and services within the context of their very busy, complicated lives. We make sense of the irrational.
Here are the business segments we serve:

Consumer Packaged Goods
No one knows more about foods and beverages than The Hartman Group. The world of foods and beverages is undergoing rapid and constant change. Thousands of new products are introduced each year. Iconic brands are being squeezed by a vibrant, resurgent private label. What resonates with consumers today may not tomorrow. We have the in-depth knowledge and experience in quality expectations, flavor profiles, taste preferences, label reading, packaging design, adoption pathways and health and wellness motivations that impact new product innovation, marketing strategy and brand building.

Today’s notions of play are more nuanced than ever. Consumers and shoppers are changing the ways they think about spending their time entertaining themselves and their families. We’ve helped companies reimagine play and the role their products have, including toys and games, multi-media and electronics.

Personal Care
We’re living in an era that has successfully tackled problems of efficiency, reliability and mass distribution. Now, consumers want companies to be focused on making things higher quality and an experience not just another SKU. Wellness motives have evolved from health concerns into a desire for quality life experiences over a longer period of time. The Hartman Group looks deep and beyond “business as usual” to help clients truly know their consumers—how they live, shop and use personal care products from the context of “in, on, around and beyond my body.”

Consumers’ views and approach to health and wellness have changed dramatically over the last decade. Through our consumer-centric approach to understanding brand and product purchase decision-making, we deliver the most in-depth insight and analysis that impacts condition-specific product innovation, marketing strategy, brand awareness, channel selection and opportunity recognition.

Hotly contested, highly competitive, yet teeming with opportunity, this is the picture of the today’s restaurant industry. The Hartman Group is the restaurant industry’s best source for consumer insights into brand awareness, menu development, ingredient trends, taste preferences, dining experience, guest satisfaction and retail design concept development. We will customize a consumer-centric approach to help differentiate your experience or reimagine your brand.

Retail/Shopper Marketing
While important things happen at point-of-sale, there is a vast world beyond that point. Our vast experience has continually reinforced the notion that retail is not just a space where things are sold. Retail has fingers that extend into numerous aspects of consumers’ lives; those other parts of life have immense impact on what gets sold in the retail space.

The Hartman Group has the expertise and analytical power to help grow sales, increase transaction size and inspire consumer loyalty by enriching the shopper experience. With firsthand experience across specialty, supermarket, discount superstores, club and convenience, we have the capabilities to detect opportunities in-store and at-shelf.

Today’s world is highly mobile, moving as fast as technology allows. People are talking, listening, watching and interacting with their world in ways unimaginable. To help today’s telecommunications providers connect with tomorrow’s wireless consumers, The Hartman Group offers a suite of customized research services, including:

  • Telecommunications-relevant technology adoption pathways (i.e., e-billing adoption, data plan adoption)
  • Messaging and targeting offers
  • Modeling Cultural Occasions for telecommunication service usage
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