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The fallacy of megabranding: Keeping brand extensions relevant

When years of blockbuster success are followed by flagging growth, it is tempting for older brands that still enjoy high consumer awareness and stable base volumes to try to stimulate growth by moving into other categories. That desire becomes an excuse to misread the brand's actual cultural meaning and look for some overly aspirational cross-category hook.

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Theo Chocolate beehives = narrative nectar with customers

Our friends over at Theo Chocolate recently paid a visit to their nascent beehives out in Carnation, Washington, and posted some beautiful pictures with a tale about how the bees are doing. Theo buys honey for its honey saffron caramels and … More

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More compelling insights, innovative custom research, and consulting that connect companies with their consumers.

The Hartman Group is highly regarded for its consumer-centric proprietary approach to custom market research and consulting and years of making a measurable difference for many of the world's best-known brands. Founded in 1989, The Hartman Group has a proud heritage serving companies across the food and beverage, food service, food retailing, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries.

Each year, our fulltime social scientists (many with PhDs in cultural anthropology, sociology, and psychology) and business analysts (with MBAs) spend thousands of hours immersed in consumers' lives to provide clients with an unparalleled understanding of culture and consumer behaviors most relevant to their business challenges and goals.

The Hartman Group has a proud history of innovation and foresight. We go deep inside data and the marketplace to uncover the "why behind the buy" that leads to the identification of growth opportunities for our clients. The bottom line is that we don't just produce reports, we deliver results.

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